Increase the strength and density of concrete surfaces by up to 45% and reduce the movement of water through concrete pores with the CRETO DPS concrete hardeners and Densifiers.


CRETO DPS is the Ultimate penetrating sealer to waterproof concrete walls and slabs. The crystalline barrier that forms permanently attaches to the interior of concrete walls or slabs


The CRETO TopSeal work entirely below the surface to bead water and other liquids. They don’t leave behind a surface film or coating, and won’t change the look or color the concrete, brick, stone, or pavers.

Some of our Clients

Walt Disney World Company
University of Calgary
World of Concrete

Unique Concrete and Wood Sealing Products

Original 1918 Formula

We say that CRETO is “Permanent as the Pyramid” because when you use our products, your masonry and woodwork will last longer than you ever imagined. Using a unique 1918 formula developed by and known only to our chemists, the CRETO products are designed to work with the natural elements found in masonry and wood to help preserve them.

In addition to being a truly superior sealer, our products are also environmentally safe, non-flammable, and water soluble. Our CRETO products will preserve, protect and waterproof your business and home. Just one simple application and they are protected. In protecting one of your most important assets we ask you not be fooled by imitators and cheap substitutes.

Your work means a lot to you and it deserves the very best in preservation and protection. If you want the very best, be sure to use genuine CRETO® products available only through licensed CRETO distributors and installers.



Permanent as the Pyramids. Since 1918.

Our Clients Testimonials

Walt Disney World

“CRETO was used, with success, at DISNEYLAND, California and later at DISNEY WORLD, Florida while I was Manager of Architectural Design Department in Florida. At DISNEY WORLD we had tried a number of products for waterproofing concrete, masonry and other cementious surfaces. CRETO was tried and proved to be best product we could find. I would recommend “CRETO” for all concrete work, new or rehabilitation work.”

University of Calgary

“This is to confirm the University of Calgary Olympic Speedskating Oval requests that the Sealer Man Waterproofing apply CRETO penetrating sealer to all non ice making surfaces in the interior of the Oval as discussed August 20, 1987.”


“We were impressed enough with the results of the Palm Springs store that we have made one further application in National City, California. The results of the floor at this time appear to be good and we anticipate making additional applications.”