Some of the jobs we’ve done over the years…

Arthur Groelick, Architect, Los Angeles, CA
Carter & Burgess, Eng/Planner, Los Angeles CA
Hanson-Boles, Architects, Vacaville, CA
Trans-Pacific Co., Ltd Engineers & Contractors,
Long Beach, CA
Walter Graydon, Engineer, Los Angeles, CA

Anheuser-Busch, Van Nuys, CA
Edelbrau Brewery, Brooklyn, NY
General Brewing Co., Azuza, CA
Olympia Brewing Co., Olympia, WA

United School Districts of:
Alhambra, CA Los Angeles, CA
Berkeley, CA Morristown, NJ
Beverly Hills, CA Palo Verdes, CA
El Monte, CA Redland, CA
Glendale, CA Rialto, CA
Lawndale, CA San Diego, CA
Long Beach, CA San Jose, CA
Longview, WA Whittier, CA
S. Bay, Redondo Beach, CA
(over 2,600 Muncipalities have used Creto
since 1925)
City of Beverly Hills, CA
City of Los Angeles, CA
County of Dade, FL
County of Los Angeles, CA
County of Orange, Santa Ana, CA
County of Ventura, CA
State of California
Calif. Dept. of Fish & Game, Every County
Maintenance Dept. County of San Diego, CA
Calif. Dept. of Motors Vehicles, West Covina, CA
Calif. Dept. of Airports, County of Sacramento –
City of Los Angeles
Miami, Florida Board of Instruction
New York Board of Transportation
New York Dept. of Parks
New York Fire Dept.
Washington, DC Fire Dept.
La Sierra College, Arlington, CA
Pepperdine College, Los Angeles, CA
San Jose State, San Jose, CA
University of Calif., Berkeley
University of Calif., Riverside
University of Maryland, MD
University of Stanford, Palo Alto, CA

Bendix Aviation, New York, NY
Douglas Aircraft, Los Angeles, CA
Lockheed Aircraft Corp. Burbank, CA & TX
North American Aviation, Los Angeles, CA
Trans Am Airways, NY, NY & Los Angeles, CA

Arlington Supply Stores Inc. (Hardware)
Arlington Heights, IL
Arizona Sand & Rocks Co., Prescott, AZ
Burnett Lumber, Tuland, CA
Calif. Brick & Tile Co., Pasadena, CA
Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Co., Prescott,
Phoenix, AZ and Dallas, TX
Industrial Material Co., Denver, CO
Keith Brown Lumber, Salem, OR
Material Service Corp., Chicago, IL
Patten Blinn Lumber Co., Los Angeles, CA
Reserve Supply Co., St. Paul, MN
W. F. Rugg Lumber Co., Upland, CA
Williams Lumber Yard, Azuza, CA

Aldon Construction, Washington, DC
Bennett Construction Co., Earlville, NY
Hoams Construction Co., Palm Springs, CA
J.A. Jaggard Builder/Contractor, Northridge, CA
Merle L. Beard Contractors, Palm Desert, CA
Paul Manuel Painting Contrs., Los Angeles, CA
Robert E. McKee Building, Glendale, CA
Turner Construction Co., New York, NY
Wm. Simpson Builders & Constr. Co., LA, CA

(out of 2,837 dairies treated with Creto,
not one had trouble with Lactic Acid)
Arden Farms Co., Los Angeles, CA
Carnation Milk Co., Los Angeles, CA
Chism Lee Cream Co., Reno, NV
Farmers Union, San Jose, CA
Golden State Dairy Products Co., Fresno, CA
Knudson Dairy Co., San Bernardino, CA
Supreme Dairy Farms, Pasadena, CA

Bank of America, Orange & Sylmar, CA
Calif. Building & Finance Corp., CA
Chase Manhattan Bank, NY
Newport Investments Inc., Covina, CA
Queens County Savings Bank, Long Island, NY

Armour & Company, NY, NY
Bayer Company, Albany, NY
Calif. Redi-Date Co., Thermal, CA
Canada Dry, LA Div., Los Angeles, CA
Denny’s Restaurants, Northern CA
General Foods Co., Birleys Div. Hollywood, CA
Safeway Stores Inc., CA
See’s Candy Shops, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Swift & Company, U.S.A.
Van De Kamps Holland Dutch Bakeries, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA


Bel-Air Hotel, W. Los Angeles, CA
Belmont Plaza Hotel, NY, NY
Blue Line Trucking, Blumington, CA
Campbell Coal Co., Atlanta, GA
Hammersmiths Warehouse, Miami, FL
Hotel New Yorker, NY, NY
Irvington Synagogue, Irvington, NJ
Lee Stanchfield Floor Cov., Santa Monica, CA
Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ
Prudential Insurance Co., Los Angeles, CA
Quincy Apartments, Washington, DC
Small’s Nursery, Riverside, CA
Yellow Cab Co., Los Angeles, CA

Astoria Light, Heat & Power Co., NY, NY
Bell Telephone Co., NY, NY
California Water & Telephone Co., Indio, CA
Mountain States Telephone/Telegraph, Phx., AZ
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co., CA


U.S. Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC
U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation,
Parker Dam, AZ & CA
U.S. Army, Greenville, SC
U.S. Air Force, Bakersfield, CA – Alpena, MI
Garden City, KS – Phillipsburg, NJ
Holloman AFB, NM
Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA
U.S. Naval Design, Long Beach, CA
Naval Ordinance Plant
Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA
Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA
USMCAS El Toro, Santa Ana, CA

Loma Linda Sanitarium, Loma Linda, CA
Los Angeles County Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
Methodist Hospital of S. Calif., Arcadia, CA
San Jose Hospital, San Jose, CA

Allied Ship Builders, U.S.A.
American Steel & Wire Co., Anderson, IN
Bridgeport Brass Co., Riverside, CA
Columbia-Southern Chemical Corp. Bartlett, CA
Diamond Match Co., Chico, CA
Dupont Co., NJ
Eastman Kodak, Rochester NY & Santa Monica
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co., Los Angeles, CA
Ford Motor Co., Pico-Rivera, CA
Lakeside Bridge & Steel Co., Milwaukee, WI
Pacific Plywood Inc., OR
Toyota Mortar Distributor, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
U.S. Gypsum Co., Southgate, CA
Wayne Tank & Pump Co., Fort Wayne, IN

Grand Central Station, NY, NY
New York Central Railroad, NY, NY
Pennsylvania Railroad, PA

W-S Butterfield Theaters, MI
Del Mar Race Tracks, Dem Larm, CA
Disneyland, Anaheim, CA
Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles, CA
Marineland of the Pacific, Palos Verdes, CA
Metropolitan Theaters Corp., Los Angeles, CA
Technicolor Motion Picture Corp., Hollywood CA
20th Century Fox Film Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Ambrose, Santa Barbara, CA
Andrew Jergens Co., Burbank, CA
S.M. Beyers & Co., Washington, DC
Continental Service Co., Los Angeles, CA
Dents of Docks and Ferries, NY, NY
Greenpark Homes Inc., Jamaica, Long Island, NY
Harril Corp., Los Angeles, CA
M.W. Kellog Co., NJ
Argill Brothers & Co., Memphis, TN
Schutte & Koertig Co., Philadelphia, PA
Thomas Cusack Co., NY, NY
Will Burt Co., Ornville, OH

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