Deep Clean Application Instructions

CRETO Deep Clean Product Guide.pdf

General Application Instructions

1. Deep Clean can be used full strength for industrial applications where a muriatic or acetic acid wash might normally be used, or, diluted to whatever strength might be required for a less serious contamination. Pre-wetting the surface to be cleaned can sometimes aid the penetration of the Deep Clean.
2. For maximum results, do not dilute CRETO Deep Clean or pre-wet surface to be cleaned.
Applicators Please Note:

  • Some surfaces can be damaged by a full strength application of CRETO Deep Clean.
  • Always try a small test patch at various concentrations, on pre-wetted and non prewetted areas, to determine the most effective dilution ratios/concentration for each specific application. This is especially important for architectural surfaces which can be sensitive to cleaners.
  • 3. Apply CRETO Deep Clean to the most heavily saturated or hard to clean areas first.
    4. Apply Deep Clean thereafter as needed, spread and brush in with a stiff broom, allow the Deep Clean to “etch” the surface for about 30 minutes.
    5.Do not allow the Deep Clean applied to dry out during this 30 minutes. If it starts to dry out, apply a fine spray of water as necessary to keep the Deep Clean applied wet for the 30 minutes.
    6.Pay close attention during this 30 minutes to ensure no damage to surfaces being cleaned. If so, rinse with water immediately.
    7. Rinse with clean water. Repeat as needed or until no suds appear. Usually, but, not always, rinsing with hot, high pressure water will speed up the rinsing process.

Exterior Applications

Apply CRETO Deep Clean generously over the surface by pouring, spraying, etc. Use a stiff broom or scrubbing machinery to lightly agitate and scrub product into the surface. Allow to “etch” for about 30 minutes. Rinse with clean, high pressure water.

Interior Applications

Interior cleaning is usually carried out in a much more controlled manner. Normally, Deep Clean would be applied much more sparingly to facilitate easier clean-up, unless a high pressure sprayer can be used, mop and rinse floors in a normal manner.

Clean Up

Clean brushes and other application equipment or containers with water.

Note: In cases where there is an environmental concern regarding the rinse run-off, ( I.e. If the rinse run-off will be going down a drain), it is always recommended to neutralize the alkali content of the rinse water with a light application of a mildly acidic solution or powder, (I.e. Oxilic acid) prior to flushing and rinsing will be sufficient.

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