Repair Mortar Overlay (RMO)

What is CRETO RMO?

CRETO Repair Mortar Overlay is a concentrate designed to be mixed with several different types of masonry products. RMO can be used to fix cracks (large or small), and overlay any type of masonry including concrete, asphalt, and many others. RMO can also be used as a substitute for grout, caulk, stucco, and many other adhesive products.

A RMO can also be colored to match any job. It is highly recommended that RMO be used with CRETO DPS and CRETO TopSeal®.

Please note that CRETO RMO needs to be mixed according to the application instructions for each type of application.

CRETO RMO is a proprietary admixture designed to be used as a modifier for Portland cement. It gives Portland cement unusual and unique properties not obtainable from other admixtures or modifiers.

CRETO RMO contains proprietary copolymer components which induce cross linking in the presence of Portland cement, producing a chemical as well as mechanical bond both adhesively and cohesively.


  • environmentally safe
  • non-reemulsifiable and will waterproof and seal from the positive or negative side of substrates
  • an excellent priming system, or bond coat, for other coatings and systems.

CRETO RMO, when added to Portland cement, sand and water, provides extraordinary adhesion and flexibility without fatigue, in thickness™ applied from paper thin to as thick as desired. The result is a durable patch and overlay system that will not delaminate, even at a feather edge.

CRETO RMO gives cement base repairs the ability to be used as a permanent repair and/or resurfacer on virtually any sound surface. This includes concrete, masonry, asphalt, wood, metal, and surfaces not normally considered sufficiently bondable.

CRETO RMO enables the creation of various mix designs which could be applied in thickness™ ranging from a foot or more down to the thickness of a coat of paint, with no delamination, even at a feather edge.

What are the benefits of RMO?

  • Superior adhesive strength & capabilities
  • Flexibility without fatigue
  • Superior freeze-thaw capabilities
  • Waterproofs and seals
  • Excellent priming bond coat for secondary coatings and systems
  • Weather, abrasion and UV resistant
  • Easy to apply, easy clean up with water
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Non-reemulsifiable waterborne copolymer
  • Allows virtually any type of surface texture

What are the typical Applications of RMO?

  • Floor leveling/smoothing
  • Patching and repair
  • Spalled/deteriorated conditions
  • Concrete / asphalt renovation and resurfacing
  • Vertical and overhead concrete renovation
  • Pedestrian and vehicle surfaces
  • Renovation of gypsum underlayments
  • Slip resistant surfaces
  • Abrasion resistant surfaces
  • Reduction of moisture vapor emissions through slabs or walls
  • Asbestos tile encapsulation
  • Recreational
  • surfaces, repair / smoothing
  • Highways/ bridges / sidewalks / curbs
  • Waterproofing
  • Parking structures, Warehouses/industrial floors
  • Pool
  • Decks
  • Driveways
  • Loading docks and ramps
  • Masonry walls

Textures: CRETO RMO can be used to produce textures such as smooth, slip-resistant, knock-down, swirl, broom finish, orange peel, and other textures normally possible with concrete surfaces. CRETO RMO can also be used to create special, decorative effects such as brick, stone, flag stone or slate patterns. This is achieved by using tape-off or template systems with a contrasting
color second coat.

*Our products are GREEN & Eco-Friendly!*

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