Deep Penetrating Sealer

How do I prepare the surface before applying CRETO DPS?

Surface must be clean and free of dirt, oils, grease and topical coatings.

What if high moisture levels are present in concrete?

Apply as above. Then wait 24 hours, tape sponges or clear plastic on a few surface areas and wait 24 hours again. Check the surface to see if the surface area is dark in color under the sponge or plastic. If there is no color change on the surface than DPS has stop the moisture coming to the surface and no need to apply more DPS.

What is one application of DPS?

It is no more than 20 minutes long and making sure that enough DPS has been applied to the surface, and watching for any dry spots during this time. AS dry areas appear just apply more DPS to the dry areas. Any areas where DPS is pudding on the surface for more than 10 minutes remove with a broom or clean mop to areas that will still absorb DSP so that at the end of 20 minutes all DPS has penetrated into the concrete and there is no surface sheen.

How is DPS applied?

DPS is applied by using a sprayer at (20 to 30 psi) a mop.

How many applications are needed?

In most cases just one application is needed. When situations where high moisture levels are present in the concrete more than one application may be needed to stop the moisture.

Will DPS help with the curing of new concrete?

YES! Apply DPS within the first 12 hours after a new slab has been finished.

Can DPS be applied to newly poured concrete, and how soon?

YES! Apply as soon as the concrete can be walked on without leaving any marks and the surface sheen is gone. No need to wait 7 days or more.

What are topical coatings?

Topical coatings are paints, clear sealers, adhesives, epoxies, tiles and glued down carpet.

Can Topical Coatings be applied to a concrete slab after it has been treated with DPS?

YES! Properly treated surfaces will except and impove the bonding of paints, glues, epoxies, tiles and glued down carpet.

Is DPS a surface sealer?

NO! DPS is formulated to penetrate into the concrete up to a ½ inch or more.

What is DPS?

DPS is a water-based internal sealer creating a moisture barrier within the concrete to stop moisture coming to the surface of concrete slabs and walls.

How does DPS work?

DPS reacts with the free lime and alkali within the concrete to first gel and then over the next 30 days it with grow crystals to fill in the voids and capillaries that are left behind when water is hydrated out of the concrete and voids put there by air entrainment in the concrete.

Does the concrete surface need to be dry before applying DPS?

No! The surface can be damp, but not wet with puddles, when applying DPS?

What is the coverage rate for DPS?

Depending on the porosity of the concrete an average coverage rate is 200 sq. ft. per gallon.

Can DPS be diluted?

NO! Use as purchased, DO NOT DILUTE.

Does DPS have any VOCs?

NO! DPS is an environmentally friendly, non-flammable, non-toxic waterproofing sealer, Green since 1918.

What is the definition of VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects.

If after the first application and 24 hours later there are areas that show signs of moisture, what is to be done?

Apply DPS only to the areas that are showing signs of moisture. This application there is no need wait the 20 minutes. Apply and watch for dry areas again, after 5 minutes make sure all DPS is off the surface if any color stains or topical coating to be applied over the concrete surface. Wait 24 hours and check again.

Can DPS be used in a basement?

YES! The basement walls and slab must be made of concrete. Apply DPS to the basement walls first starting at the wall bottom and spraying upward to the top using light misting applications for 20 minutes or when the wall stops absorbing the DPS. Cover the basement floor with protective plastic around the walls during the walls application. Remove the plastic and then treat the basement slab.

Can DPS be sprayed to just small areas to stop a leak ?

NO! All the walls and the slab must be treated with DPS. Water will seek around your small treated area.

Will DPS work on block or brick walls and block or brick basement walls?

NO! The voids in CMU block are too large for DPS to fill in; also there is not enough alkali in CMU block and bricks activate the DPS.

Will DPS seal cracks?

YES & NO! DPS can seal cracks that are no wider than a piece of paper. DPS cannot seal structural cracks. We do have solution methods to seal larger and structural cracks using CRETO DPS.

Where can DPS be applied?

Any Portland cement surface, positive or negative sides, above or below grade.

How soon can DPS be walked on or driven over?

When the entire product has penetrated into the concrete and there is no shine to the concrete surface.

Will DPS harm plants or grass?

NO! If you feel that too much product got on plants or grass it can be rinsed off with water.

What is the ideal temperature to apply DPS?

Outside temperatures must stay above 45° for 24 hours or more, so DPS can crystallize enough so its gel cannot be pushed to the surface during freezing temperatures.

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