Wood Preserving Solution

What is CretoWood?

CRETO Wood was developed as a permanent internal moisture barrier and hardens natural wood products. CRETO Wood is water based non-toxic and non-flammable internal sealer.

The proprietary catalyst in CRETO Wood enables ito penetrate into the cells in the wood, where it reacts with both the acids and the alkali present in the individual cells of most woods, forming an aero gel membrane below the wood surface.

This aero gel forms an internal seal and barrier to hold in the woods natural moisture to eliminate or reduce warping or twisting and splitting of the wood, protecting against water and other causes of deterioration.

Over the next 30 days following application, the aero gel membrane will completely hydrate and form glass like crystals within the treated wood giving the wood a petrifying effect.
CRETO Wood will not alter the texture of the natural wood surface to which it is applied.
CRETO Wood provides a prepared surface for a more effective bonding of varnishes, stains, paints or mastics.

What are the benefits of CRETO DPS?

  • Deep Penetrating Sealer for wood
  • A one-time application will petrify the wood
  • Leaves clear, natural finish with no surface film
  • Helps wood retain and structural integrity longer
  • Decreases or eliminates deterioration and weathering
  • Enables easier ice and snow removal
  • Increases resistance to grease, oils and acids
  • Non-toxic, environmentally and ecologically friendly
  • Easy clean up with water

What are the typical uses for CRETOWood?

  • Decks
  • Fence Posts, Rails and Slats
  • Siding and Shingles
  • Window Boxes, Frames and Sash
  • Wooden Planters


5 gallon pail (18.9 L) Premixed

Shelf Life

Stored in a cool area unopened 24 months

Coverage Rate

Average 200 sq ft per gallon


  • Do not allow CRETO Wood to come in contact with glass or aluminum, if contact does occur rinse with clean water immediately.
  • Will not work on plywood, particle board or any re-engineered woods.

*Our products are GREEN & Eco-Friendly!*

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