Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS)

Crystalline Waterproofing for Concrete
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What is CRETO DPS?

CRETO DPS (Deep Penetrating Sealer) is a water based internal membrane forming sealer to waterproof Portland cement concrete. Going below the concrete surface and reacting with the free lime and alkali forming insoluble calcium silicate crystals which “blocks” moisture from migrating to the surface through the capillary pores of concrete while allowing the concrete to breathe.

What are the benefits of CRETO DPS?

  • One time application (for most applications)
  • Positive or Negative-side for waterproofing
  • Will not break down over time
  • Helps to cure concrete uniformly
  • Lowers ph levels at the concrete surface for greater adhesion of topical coating
  • Holds back Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Concrete is still breathable
  • Glued carpet or tiles, epoxies, thin-sets will still bond to the concrete after applying DPS
  • In most applications DPS stops moisture intrusions within 24 hours
  • Protects against ASR (Alkali-silica reaction)
  • Non-Flammable
  • No VOC’s
  • Environment friendly
  • Cost effective product for protecting concrete
  • Leed points

*Our products are GREEN & Eco-Friendly!*


CRETO DPS (Deep Penetrating Sealer) is crystalline waterproofing for new or existing concrete slabs, utility vaults, elevator pits. CRETO DPS is suitable for waterproofing concrete basements, retaining walls, concrete tanks, highway bridges, parking structures and garage floors, Schools, Hospitals and other concrete structures.


  • 1 U.S. gallon (3.79L) premixed, clear color
  • 5 U.S. gallon (18.9L) premixed, clear color

DO NOT DELUTE (Use as purchased)


Average coverage is 200 sq. ft. per gallon. The actual coverage rate will depend on the porosity of the concrete.

Shelf Life

When stored in a cool area unopened, shelf life is 2 years or 24 months.

Technical Data

Meets U.S.D.A requirements for federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants.

Meets Federal Environmental Protection Agency regulation 40 CFR Part 59, National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for Coatings.

V.O.C. Content 0 gm/L
Scaling Resistance to Deicing Chemicals
ASTM C 672/C 672 m-03
50 Cycles
No scaling
Compression Strength
(Surface test only)
+15% at 8 days
+23% at 31 days
Water Absorption
ASTM C 67-05 modified
Less absorption than untreated sample
Freeze-Thaw Resistance
ASTM C 666/C 666M-03
300 Cycles
Greater durability than untreated sample

Surface Preparation

The concrete surface must be clean of any topical coatings, curing compounds, efflorescence, dirt, concrete dust, oil, grease, wax or paint. Always test a small area with water for penetration into the concrete. DPS can be applied to dry or damp surface.

Application Methods

(Always test a small area with water for penetration ability and porosity). Apply DPS using a pump sprayer at 20-30 psi, apply generous amounts of product on the surface. You may notice some areas will show signs of drying appearing soon after applying DPS, it is okay to walk on wet areas to apply product to any dry areas. After 20 minutes any areas where DPS remaining on the surface and has not penetrated below the surface must be removed using a clean broom, mop or squeegee to move product around so it can penetrate. The surface should have a damp look for a full 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes all product should have penetrated below the surface. (DO NOT ALLOW DPS TO DRY ON THE SURFACE). Remove any puddles by moving DPS around the concrete surface with a clean a mop, squeegee or broom until all the product has penetrated into the concrete.

Application on freshly poured concrete can be done when the surface sheen is gone and the surface can be walked on without leaving any marks, or within the first 12 hours after the pour is completed.

When applying DPS over high strength concrete, an effective way is to pour product onto the concrete surface, then working DPS into the concrete using a mop to massage it into the concrete.

Reaction Process

DPS will first create an aero-gel within the concrete, filling the voids and capillaries with gel, over the next 30 days DPS will begin to crystallize keeping the voids and
capillaries filled with crystals that attach to the concrete holding back water and high vapor moisture.

Applying Topical Coatings

Some topical coating may be applied after 24 hours and some like epoxies can be applied after 72 hours. Always test the concrete surface for Relative Humidity before applying any topical coatings. Newly placed concrete treated with DPS will need about 21 days of cure time before any topical coating can be applied.

We always recommend using pin type moisture meters within the first 72 hours to test for relative humidity, or tape sponges or plastic sheets to the concrete for 24 hours to test for moisture at the surface. After 3 days calcium chloride tests may be used to test the concrete for signs of moisture.

Before placing any type of coating on the concrete always test the surface to make sure the moisture level meets the manufactures specifications.


All tools and equipment will cleanup with water.


DO NOT ALLOW DPS TO COME IN CONTACT WITH GLASS OR ALUMINIUM OR GLAZED TILE, ETCHING WILL OCCOR. (If contact does occur rinse immediately with water and wipe dry with a clean cloth.)

Do not apply DPS if the concrete surface temperature is below 45° or if the air temperature is expected to drop to freezing during the day or overnight. DPS will need 24 hours of cure time before temperatures can drop to freezing or below.

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