Wood Preserving Solution Application Instructions

CRETOWood Product Guide.pdf

Mixing & Application


1. CRETOWood is pre-mixed at the factory, but, Shake it well before using it, this agitation will enhance CRETOWood’s penetration and effectiveness.
2. Do not dilute or mix CRETOWood with water or any other liquid. Use only as supplied.
3. Normal applications only require one coat, but, depending on the porosity of the wood being treated, additional applications may be required.
4. Apply liberally and saturate all areas. On vertical surfaces, apply from the bottom up.
5. In problem areas where foreign matter such as grease or oil have penetrated below the surface, apply CRETOWood, then allow the foreign matter to be floated to the surface by the CRETOWood as it penetrates. Flush off this foreign matter with water and reapply CRETOWood after each flushing. Several applications may be needed in order to flush all such foreign matter to the surface.
Note: While oil, for example, will be removed, stains from used motor oil may not.
6. CRETOWood penetrates the surface within two to four hours after application.
7. Limited foot traffic is permissible after as little as thirty minutes.
8. Clean up is with clean water.

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