Deep Clean

What is CRETO Deep Clean?

CRETO DeepClean is a fortified (concentrated) concrete and multipurpose cleaner that is designed to clean and etch the surface simultaneously.

Oils, dirt, efflorescence, and grime are removed.

What are the benefits of CRETO DeepClean?

  • Heavy Duty industrial strength, yet, easy to use
  • Easy clean up with water
  • Replacement for more environmentally and ecologically unfriendly products
  • Can be diluted for every potential cleaning requirement from full strength industrial to 1:1 or more dilution with clean water for daily cleaning requirements

What are the typical uses of CRETO DeepClean?

  • Removing oils, grease, stains, dirt and contaminated surface residues
  • Preparing and etching a surface prior to application of a subsequent coating
  • Any strength daily cleaning applications which require a cleaner which will be effective, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

*Our products are GREEN & Eco-Friendly!*

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