This is to confirm the University of Calgary Olympic Speedskating Oval requests that the Sealer Man Waterproofing apply CRETO penetrating sealer to all non ice making surfaces in the interior of the Oval as discussed August 20, 1987.University-Of-Calgary-Logo

Facility ManagerThe University of CalgaryCalgary, Alberta

CRETO was used, with success, at DISNEYLAND, California and later at DISNEY WORLD, Florida while I was Manager of Architectural Design Department in Florida. At DISNEY WORLD we had tried a number of products for waterproofing concrete, masonry and other cementious surfaces. CRETO was tried and proved to be best product we could find. I would recommend “CRETO” for all concrete work, new or rehabilitation work.1280px-Walt_Disney_World_Company_logo.svg

Manager of Architectural DesignDisneyworld

This is to certify that the product CRETO has been used at Walt Disney World for the past several years. In the Magic Kingdom, it has been used on bridges to stop water leakage and on new concrete work. At the project Epcot, CRETO has been used on all of the manmade stone work to protect it from deterioration, as well as waterproofing it. Disney is now using CRETO on the new Morocco Pavilion at Epcot as a concrete treatment.

President, Ball-Zell Sales & SupplyLockwood, FL

In March of 1992 we applied CRETO to the elevated concrete foundation of a 32 unit condominium where we had a contract to do some ongoing repairs. The results of this application have been both remarkable and outstanding. We have had absolutely no calls for re-work. This is outstanding. I could not be happier that you introduced us to CRETO for use as an integral step in the concrete repair process, it’s results have certainly exceeded my expectations.

Hana Lee, Inc.Key West, FL

We have used this product extensively and highly recommend it for its superior ability to hold hydrostatic head blow grade in concrete. Our findings come from our work with constant hydrostatic pressure, fifty feet below grade, thirty feet below river bed. Specifically a very large active leak, combination area of horizontal, vertical and honeycomb cracking on fifth level (bottom level) of parkade. From previous jobs this new technique showed a dramatic improvement in stoppage of water flow with reduced usage of expensive waterproofing products and thus reduced material and labor cost.

The Sealer ManCalgary, Alberta

Here is the follow-up letter as I promised you regarding the application of you product CRETO to the meat room of our Palm Springs store. We were impressed enough with the results of the Palm Springs store that we have made one further application in National City, California. The results of the floor at this time appear to be good and we anticipate making additional applications.1280px-Safeway_Logo.svg

Design Manager Safeway Stores, Inc.National City, CA

Bird Corporation has used your product, applied by your people, to coat its new 18,000 square foot warehouse floor. Material has now been down for a period of four months and seems to have stopped any further cracking, flaking and powdering of the concrete. At this point, it seems to be as good if not better than advertised.

Bird Corporation Palm Springs, CA

We applied your CRETO DPS and allowed it to dry for 24 hours. Then we applied CRETO TopSeal and allowed it to cure for 48 hours. We then applied numerous acids and alkalies to both treated and untreated areas. The following is a list of products used in this test: phosphoric acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, sulphonic acid, hydrochloric, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, caustic soda, caustic potash. Your products stood up very well under all the chemicals applied except for the hydrofluoric acid. With the exception of the hydrofluoric acid all of the other chemicals seemed to bead up and sit on top of the sealed concrete. Please be assured at this time that even though you concrete sealing products did not stand to the hydrofluoric acid test, we feel that your products are far superior to any other concrete sealers.

President, CHEM-TECH Manufacturing Limited Calgary, Alberta

In the past 3 years we find the product know as CRETO to be the only product on the market that has done the job it is designed to do for us. This high quality product has saved us many thousands of dollars in our various development projects. We feel the product will continue to save us money in the future. We recommend CRETO products highly.

Van Denheuvel Construction Co. Rancho Mirage, Ca

After years of being plagued by moisture and alkali conditions on our slabs and walls we were fortunately introduced to CRETO. Our contractor was amazed. He told me that our outlay for CRETO would be superficial as compared to the substantial cost of labor and replacing materials. I now use CRETO on all our new and old concrete.

President, Newport Investments, Inc.

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