Creto DPS is protecting the City Center Project and the Las Vegas Environment

Creto Worldwide Inc. is pleased to announce that our product Creto DPS has been applied at the Veer Residential Condos nestled in the MGM’s City Center Project in Las Vegas, Nevada. When MGM’s project is completed at the end of 2009 the cost is about $10 billion dollars and will have poured over 1 million cubic yards of concrete.

Creto DPS was selected for its ability to effectively protect concrete from moisture, dusting and efflorescence. We are environmentally friendly (GREEN), non-toxic, and no voc’s.

The Veer Towers are twin towers with 36 floors each and reaching heights of 460 feet. The City Center Development has been designed with green building in mind, and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, this project is currently the largest LEED development in the United States.

Why choose Creto DPS for your important projects?

  1. We have been sold and applied all over the globe.
  2. We are committed to the environment, non-toxic, and have no voc’s therefore we are the perfect choice for LEED projects or green building.
  3. Our products are manufactured with the highest standards to achieve the greatest performance.
  4. We have successfully protected concrete from moisture, dusting and efflorescence, Creto DPS prolongs the life of concrete with just one application.

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