Establishment of CRETO Worldwide China Limited

Products of CRETO Worldwide Inc. have successfully been applied to many well- known projects in the greater China area, from Shenyang to Zhuhai, Hong Kong to Wuhan, and including Beijing, for over a decade. To better serve our customers and further develop the emerging China market, our board decided to appoint Mr. Danny Chan as the General Manager for our new subsidiary or Hong Kong office known as CRETO Worldwide China LimitedĀ.

The main function of CRETO Worldwide China Ltd. is to provide stringent oversight for our quality line of products from the United States and clean up the market chaos caused by counterfeits and fake dealers. Therefore, a whole new market management system will be imposed shortly. We will be able to keep the high quality of our products and serve our loyal customers better, which will assure all of our market participants confidence in the CRETO brand.

Marketing Department
CRETO Worldwide China Limited

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Address: 125 East Reno Ave, Suite 1 Las Vegas, NV 89119

CRETO Worldwide Office Phone Number: (702) 795-SEAL(7325)

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