Are you experiencing moisture problems in your basement or concrete slabs? We solve moisture issues.

Today we are seeing more and more problems due to moisture in basements or concrete floors. Does your basement or floor show any sign of moisture after each rain or heavy snow melt?  If there is any moisture on your basement walls or concrete slab, then your concrete is not fully waterproofed.

When the ground becomes saturated with moisture causing hydrostatic pressure against the concrete, the concrete will act like a sponge to draw moisture to the surface. This capillarity transmission of moisture in concrete will bring water or moisture from under the slab or behind the walls to the surface. With some basements and floors the intrusion may be every time it rains or just certain times of the year. There are times when moisture will be present one year and not next year or year after year the same problem happens. It is imperative to make sure your basement or concrete floor is waterproofed before it happens again.


With the green movement around the world contractors and flooring companies are using many glues and adhesives which are water based, thus will break down with the long period of contact water or moisture vapor. Therefore flooring adhesion will fail causing the floor coverings to come loose from the concrete.

One of the most common problems with moisture in concrete is the chalky white substance that is on the surface of concrete floors or walls. This is called efflorescence. This efflorescence is left on the surface when moisture makes its way to the surface thus brings the salts and alkali solution to the surface. Then the water evaporates leaving the efflorescence on the concrete surface. This can be a recurring process every time moisture is drawn from under a concrete slab to the surface. Efflorescence will also cause floor coverings and paint or epoxy’s to lose their bond with concrete.

Another major problem with moisture and concrete is mold, which is a real health concern to humans and animals. Mold spores only need the presents of moisture for 24 hours in order to become active.  Mold maybe growing in places where you can’t see it, like behind walls and paint or under carpets and other floor coverings. Mold can leave a basement smelling musty and will cause breathing or skin problems for anyone that may be allergic to mold.


Here at Creto Worldwide we have formulated Creto DPS and other products to solve the problem of moisture in concrete. An application of DPS will stop your moisture problem once and for all.  To achieve this all you need is bare concrete walls and floor to apply DPS to. Creto Deep Penetrating Sealer will penetrate the surface of concrete to form an aero jell within the concrete by reacting to the free lime and alkali in concrete. Therefore we close off the capillary transmission of water and moisture vapor to migrate to the surface of concrete. Your floors and basements will stay moisture free year after year. Stopping moisture in concrete but allowing the concrete to breathe will give your concrete the ultimate form of protection.


  • Stops moisture vapor transmission
  • Prevents water intrusion
  • Reduces gas and vapor migration
  • Can be painted or glued over the surface
  • Hardens the concrete

If your basement and or floors need protecting from water or moisture, then visit our website at to learn about our low cost waterproofing systems for concrete.

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