Warning Statement: Unauthorized Dealers

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With the ever increasing popularity of CRETO products around the world, we at CRETO-Worldwide are concerned with companies claiming to be authorized distributors or suppliers of CRETO products and using products labeled as CRETO but not purchased from CRETO-Worldwide on their projects. More and more, we are learning of this deceitful practice of deception to the public. This practice harms us as the parent company, but most importantly it harms those who are expecting their projects to be protected by CRETO products. On our website is a list of Authorized Distributors and Retail Stores and companies that apply our products around the world. Check our website at www.cretoworldwide.com and under “Distributors” to verify any company claiming to represent our product line.

CRETO DPS (Deep Penetrating Sealer) was formulated in 1918 with our proprietary catalyst and formulation. For over 98 years DPS has been hard at work protecting some of the world’s most treasured and expensive buildings. We take great pride in our products and in the companies that have been authorized and trained to apply CRETO products.

Permission is required from CRETO-Worldwide Inc. to use our test results, our pictures, and our documentation about our product line; however, we have lately found many instances where test results and pictures were used with CRETO permission. Companies have tried over the years to re-create CRETO DPS (Deep Penetrating Sealer), with some companies taking our testing reports, literature and pictures of our projects and attaching them to their websites around the world. Yes! CRETO DPS has been imitated but never duplicated.

We are unique in the way of application process, as well as when and where our products can be used and applied.

If you are looking at other company websites or have been contacted by a company claiming to be a distributor or applicator of CRETO-Worldwide products and they are not listed on our company’s website at www.cretoworldwide.com, they are not an authorized agent of CRETO-Worldwide Inc. We are concerned with countries like Italy, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Spain, India, Canada, Mexico, South America, and even the USA, as we have found websites claiming to sell, carry or use CRETO products on their projects. We do have authorized companies that sell or apply CRETO products and they are listed on the website.

We are issuing this WARNING STATEMENT as we are trying to eliminate the harm that can occur when using inferior products on projects that should be protected by CRETO products.
CRETO products are manufactured only in the United States of America, by using the highest quality chemicals and using strict production guidelines.

Here at CRETO-Worldwide we are concerned with the environment thus our products are and always have been environmentally safe and friendly, WE ARE GREEN.

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