Warning Statement: Unauthorized Dealers

View PDF Document With the ever increasing popularity of CRETO products around the world, we at CRETO-Worldwide are concerned with companies claiming to be authorized distributors or suppliers of CRETO products and using products labeled as CRETO but not purchased...

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Why is it important that CRETO Sealants are VOC free?

Unlike our competitors, all CRETO Sealants our VOC free. Here at CRETO, we are committed in making the best product on the market as well as the safest. As an independent family owned USA based company, we stand by the highest standard for our family and ours. With...

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Establishment of CRETO Worldwide China Limited

Products of CRETO Worldwide Inc. have successfully been applied to many well- known projects in the greater China area, from Shenyang to Zhuhai, Hong Kong to Wuhan, and including Beijing, for over a decade. To better serve our customers and further develop the...

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Authorized Dealer Arrangement in China

Our sole and only authorized agents in the areas of Hong Kong, Macau Shenyang, Qingdong, Guangdong provinces are hereby listed below. No warranties can be offered for any other corporation not listed below. Lectern Engineering (FE) Limited 22/F Leader Centre 37 Wong...

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Contact CRETO Worldwide


Address: 125 East Reno Ave, Suite 1 Las Vegas, NV 89119

CRETO Worldwide Office Phone Number: (702) 795-SEAL(7325)

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